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  • carboxymethyl cellulose food grade CMC 9FH3000

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    carboxymethyl cellulose food grade CMC 9FH3000

    Food grade CMC can be used as thickener,emulsifier,excipient, expanding agent,stabilizer and so on, which could replace the role of gelatin, agar, sodium alginate. When using this grade of CMC, cost can be reduced, food taste and preservation can be improved, guarantee period...Read More

  • CMC 9FH1000

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    CMC 9FH1000

    CMC is a kind of ionic linear macromolecule substance, white or light yellow fibrous powder, non-toxic, tasteless, soluble in cold water, be transparent sticky solution, help widely than food processing, drinks, textile, papermaking, oil drilling, daily chemical, paint,...Read More

  • CMC 9FM100

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    CMC 9FM100

    CMC can keep the lactoprotein from coagulating and preci-pitating in sour milk and helps milk even suspend and disperse, keep the stability of the food quality, prolong the period of food quality .Used in ice-cream,it helps control ice crystal size, resist melting, shape,...Read More

  • cmc sodium carboxymethyl cellulose CMC HV

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    cmc sodium carboxymethyl cellulose CMC HV

    CMC HV is a high-purity, high-efficiency slurrying agent. It has strong salt resistance and temperature tolerance, compatible with sea water and saturated brine. It helps stabilize soft soil structure, prevent collapse of wall of a well. It can improve mud-making volum,...Read More

  • CMC LV

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    CMC LV

    CMC appears to be white or light yellow powder, which is odorless and non-toxic. It is soluble in cold or hot water. When it solutes, some colloidal solution will appear, which is neutral or slightly alkaline. The important feature of CMC is that it can form colloid solution...Read More

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