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low price Textile Printing Grade CMC

  • CMC IH-13

    Contact NowCMC IH-13cmc cotton textile printing press chemicals,the products printing and dyeing effect picture will be upload laterRead More

  • carboxy methyl cellulose sodium CMC IH-17

    Contact Nowcarboxy methyl cellulose sodium CMC IH-17Textile Printing Carboxymethyl Cellulose and Dyeing Grade CMC is a new product group developed specially for use as a thickener in textile printing pastes with reactive and disperse dyes.Read More

  • CMC IM-14A

    Contact NowCMC IM-14AThe balanced properties of cellulose ensure good viscosity-stability of the paste and favourable rheological properties.Read More

  • CMC IH-14

    Contact NowCMC IH-14This CMC can be Partial instead of sodium alginate in textile printing for cotton fabirc.It have more better Mobility in textile printing progress and will be let the Pattern more vivid and clean.Read More

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