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  • Detergent Grade Sodium Cmc

    Contact NowDetergent Grade Sodium CmcPackaging &Delivery: Packaging details:25KG/bag with PE bag inside PP woven bags outside. Delivery date:Within 20 days. Specifications Productivity: 50,000 Tons/Year Minimum Order: 5Tons Used for detergent powder or liquid detergent ISO 9001-2000 Product Description CMC Detergent grade 1....Read More

  • CMC - Oil-well Drilling Grade

    Contact NowCMC - Oil-well Drilling GradeFree sample. Manufacturer Good quality low price Carboxymethyl cellulose-CMC 1, industrial and oil level indicators of the quality of CMC SPECIFICATION 2, CMC-oil drilling fluid performance indicators 3, building materials, ceramics, mosquito coils, and paper industries of 4, the food-level...Read More

  • Chemical Carboxymethyl Cellulose Adalah Oil Drilling Grade CMC & PAC HV

    Contact NowChemical Carboxymethyl Cellulose Adalah Oil Drilling Grade CMC & PAC HVChemical Carboxymethyl Cellulose Adalah Oil Drilling Grade CMC & PAC HV Specifications 1)PAC Powder Polyanionic Cellulose 2)Factory = Competitive Price 3)Molecular Formula:[C6H7O2(OH)2CH2COONa]n 4)ISO9001-2008 Please note : We supply all kinds of sodium CMC / PAC, powder and granulated...Read More

  • Oil Drilling Grade MV CMC

    Contact NowOil Drilling Grade MV CMCOil Drilling Grade MV CMC Product Description Carboxy Methyl Cellulose CMC If you are interested, please feel free to contact with us. More infomation,please visit our website: , We are looking forward your consulting! Our Services 1. Supply high quality products with a...Read More

  • Oil Drilling Grade CMC For Sale

    Contact NowOil Drilling Grade CMC For SaleOil Drilling Grade CMCRead More

  • PAC R

    Contact NowPAC RRead More

  • PAC SL

    Contact NowPAC SLIt is widely used for making up water-based mud (drilling fluid) in oil drilling engineering. It can control the water loss in drilling process and prevent hole-wall collapsing, necking down, cone blocked and other accidents caused by drilling mud water loss. Added to the bentonite-based mud, it...Read More

  • Oil Drilling Grade CMC LV/HV

    Contact NowOil Drilling Grade CMC LV/HVFood Grade CMC 1.Food Industry: Purified CMC is being used in ice creams, jams, salad dressings for its property of preventing crystallization of ice and water-retention characteristics. 2.Drilling Insdustry : In oil industry, CMC is being used together with barite bentonite, and clay in order...Read More

  • PAC LV

    Contact NowPAC LVRead More

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