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Toothpaste Grade CMC company

  • CMC IH9

    Contact NowCMC IH9In addition to high degree of substitution, high viscosity and high purity, it is highly saline and temperature resistant due to its even substitution feature. CMC used as adhesive in toothpaste can resist celulose and thus it's viscosity keeps constant. The past compounded with it has a...Read More

  • Textile Grade CMC/sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose/CMC

    Contact NowTextile Grade CMC/sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose/CMCTextile Grade CMC / sodium carboxymethyl cellulose/ CMC 1. CMC use for petroleum and gas drilling project. 2. CMC use for textile,Dyeing industry . 3. CMC use for papermaking industry. 4. CMC use for washing agent 4. CMC use for ceramics 5. CMC use for food Grade. 6. CMC use for Pharmaceutical...Read More

  • CMC IH10

    Contact NowCMC IH10CMC is fine enough and at least 95% of the powder passes 100 mesh. It can be dissolved in a very short time and the quality is very stable.Read More

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