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Polyanionic Cellulose PAC factory

  • PAC SL

    Contact NowPAC SLIt is widely used for making up water-based mud (drilling fluid) in oil drilling engineering. It can control the water loss in drilling process and prevent hole-wall collapsing, necking down, cone blocked and other accidents caused by drilling mud water loss. Added to the bentonite-based mud, it...Read More

  • PAC R

    Contact NowPAC RRead More

  • CMC - Oil-well Drilling Grade

    Contact NowCMC - Oil-well Drilling GradeFree sample. Manufacturer Good quality low price Carboxymethyl cellulose-CMC 1, industrial and oil level indicators of the quality of CMC SPECIFICATION 2, CMC-oil drilling fluid performance indicators 3, building materials, ceramics, mosquito coils, and paper industries of 4, the food-level...Read More

  • Oil Drilling Grade CMC For Sale

    Contact NowOil Drilling Grade CMC For SaleOil Drilling Grade CMCRead More

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