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Paper Grade CMC

  • Oil Drilling Grade CMC Chemical Raw Material

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    Oil Drilling Grade CMC Chemical Raw Material

    Oil Drilling Grade CMC Chemical raw material 1. CMC use for pe troleum and gas drilling project. 2. CMC use for textile,Dyeing industry . 3. CMC use for papermaking industry. 4. CMC use for washing agent 4. CMC use for ceramics 5. CMC use for food Grade. 6. CMC use for Pharmaceutical IndustryRead More

  • CMC DSLK400

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    CMC DSLK400

    In paper industry, CMC is used for paper coating. It is useful for the dispersing and flowing of the pigments, enhancing the finish and smoothness of the printing quality. It is used for surface sizing to strengthen the paper and reduce the printing dusts. It can increase moisture and improve...Read More

  • CMC LK10

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    CMC LK10

    Carboxymethyl Cellulose is one raw material in many kinds of industry. It is widely used in a variety of paper-making industry, it can improve the paper strength. If you want to know more about any other information.Read More

  • CMC LD5G

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    CMC LD5G

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