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​Paper Grade Carboxy Methyl Cellulose CMC

carboxy methyl cellulose is used in the preparation of coated paper coatings in paper industry. It can be used as wet end additive and surface sizing agent. The products of our company have excellent water holding capacity, thickening ability, suspension ability and dispersion stability.

1. application in coated paper

Control and adjust the rheology of the coating and the dispersity of the pigment, so as to improve the solid content of the coating.

Enhance the water retention value of the coating, prevent the migration of the adhesive in the coating, thereby improving the smoothness of the coating and improving the quality of the coating.

The stability of the coating is ensured and the uniformity of the coating system is maintained.

It has good film-forming property and improves the gloss of the coating.

Improve the retention rate of whitening agents and improve the whiteness of the paper.

Application of 2. as wet end additive

It has good dispersibility, which is good for paper forming and improving paper evenness.

Improve the internal bond strength of fibers and improve the physical strength of paper.

Enhanced sizing effect.

Increase the retention rate of various additives, fillers and fines.

3. application in surface sizing

To increase the speed of paper pulling and improve the ink absorbency of paper.

Good rheology and film-forming, enhance the stiffness and smoothness of paper.

Improve surface strength, air permeability and control crimp.

 Paper grade carboxy methyl cellulose CMC

Hangzhou Hongbo New Materials Co., Ltd 

Address: Yushan Zone, Fuyang, Zhejiang Province, China.

Contact Person : Mison WANG


Mobile: 86-15990171382

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