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Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC)


Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC)

Food grade

CMC in Food Industry

CMC is widely used in frozen desserts, protein food, beverages, icings, dressings, instant noodles, etc.


1. Thickening: CMC can produce high viscosity at low concentration. It also acts as lubricant.
2. Water retention: CMC is a water binder, helps increase shelf life of food.
3. Suspending aid: CMC acts as emulsifier and suspension stabilizer, particularly in icings to control ice crystal size.
4. Film forming: CMC can produce a film on the surface of fried food, eg. instant noodle, and prevent absorption of excessive vegetable oil.
5. Chemical stability: CMC is resistant to heat, light, mold and commonly used chemicals.
6. Physiologically inert: CMC as a food additive has no caloric value and can not be metabolized.


A. Finely distributed molecular weight.
B. High resistance to acid.
C. High resistance to salt.
D. High transparency, low free fibers.
E. Low gel.

Examples of application

Ice cream:
1.CMC can mix freely with milk, sugar, emulsifier and other ingredients.
2. It helps body formation of the ice cream.
3. It helps control ice crystal size and improves mouthfeel.
4. It brings glossy surface to the ice cream.

Dairy products:
1. CMC stabilizes yoghurt and prevents sedimentation.
2. It increases shelf life.
3. It improves mouthfeel.

Ceramic grade

1. CMC for ceramics features uniform distribution of substituents (carboxymethyl group) on the cellulose backbone. It produces fewer gel granules in glaze formulation.
2. It contains no colored impurity and is 100% combustible under firing condition, to ensure clean ceramic glaze.
3. It can stabilize physical and chemical property of glaze formulation.
4. It can improve glaze adhesion and reduce glaze cracking.
5. It facilitates formation of a smooth dense glaze layer.
6. It can improve the rheological property of glaze formulation.
7. The glaze viscosity is proportional to the concentration of CMC added.

Toothpast grade CMC

1, good compatability, can be mixed with various ingredients of toothpaste .

2, fine and glossy of toothpaste, no dehyration, no decladding .

3, good stability, suitable thickness; can offer toothpaste special comfortable mouthfeel and gloss.

Printing & dyeing grade CMC features:

1, good stability of viscosity .

2, good distribution uniformity of degree of substitution .

3, good fluidity of solution .

4, high water scrubbing rate .

Oil drilling grade

Petroleum grade Product features:

1, high degree of substitution, good uniformity of substitution .

2, high transparency, viscosity and water loss can be controlled .

3, suitable for fresh water, sea water, saturated brine slurry .

4, stabilize soft soil structure, prevent collapse of wall of a well .

5, can improve mud-making volum, reduce filteration loss .

6, has excellent performance in drilling of oil .

Battery grade

Battery grade CMC features

1, excellent hydrophilicity .

2, stable viscosity, high adhesive force .

3, good transparency and fluidity of aqueous solution .

4, low metal content .

CMC's function in battery

1, good compatiblity; can be mixed with various metal powder .

2, can improve the voltage of battery, reduce essential resistance .

3, offer stable viscosity and adhesive force .

Paper-making grade

CMC is a high-efficiency paper-making auxiliary, and features good moisture retention, dispersibility

CMC's application in papper-making industry

1. Pigment coating
·Control and regulate the rheology of coatings and dispersibility of pigments .
·Get pseudoplasticity of coatings .
·Improve the moisture retention of coatings .
·Has excellent film forming property.

2. Intracytoplasm adding
·Improve jordaning efficiency, shorten pulping time .
·Regulate electric potential of pulp .
·Improve the retention rate of additives, fillers etc.

3. Top sizing
·Has excellent rheology and film forming property .
·Reduce air hole on paper surface .
·Improve the brightness and gloss of paper .
·Enhance the stiffness and smoothness of paper .
·Increase the surface strength and abrasion resistance of paper .

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