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Purpose adhesive manufacturer suggested usage

Source: Purpose adhesive manufacturer suggested usage

All-purpose adhesive belongs chemical products, in addition to using and building on the industry more generally, the family will be standing to repair some of the daily necessities. Although all-purpose adhesive is widely used in the field, but there are certain requirements to use techniques, so as to ensure good bonding effect, the general-purpose adhesive manufacturers in the product will have detailed instructions and a corresponding operating mode is recommended.

All-purpose adhesive manufacturer for different products, or for the same product for different materials, its recommended usage have some differences. The main difference is the difference between the concentration difference between the deployment and dry gel time. In general, you want to paste the base surface must first be clean, not dust or oil, clean the surface is directly related to the bonding effect. You can clean up after coating, a relatively small items may once painted a good, but a larger area typically involves placing a few times to ensure uniformity and thickness to meet the requirements.

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