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Applications purpose adhesive manufacturers of different products

Source: Applications purpose adhesive manufacturers of different products

Belonging to a common purpose adhesive bonding latex, since the wide range of applications, they have been dubbed universal name. All-purpose adhesive manufacturer's products in addition to being widely used in the industry, but in the home improvement, furniture, etc. industry can be said to be material.

All-purpose adhesive manufacturers to produce different purposes and have targeted products based on different ingredients and ratio, as well as different processes would. For example, our most popular universal latex can be used to easily repair a number of household goods, such as shoes or other leather, rubber a class of products. Wooden furniture will be used in the production of special-purpose adhesive bonding do, if the same can be used for cracking the repair.

No matter what kind of all-purpose adhesive product manufacturers, their main difference is in the solvent. If you are using the once dirty clothes and hands, generally corresponds to the product can be used for cleaning solvent. But if it is good that the deployment of small-pack type adhesive, in fact, you can find a similar nature was for cleaning. Find more convenient solvent is alcohol, it can effectively dissolve solidified purpose adhesive. If there is no alcohol, in fact, the girls can also be used to clean nail polish, its concentration is relatively low, but also to meet the cleaning requirements. But to know whether it is latex or solvent actually a corrosive effect on the skin even modest boost in use should be good protection, try to avoid contact with the skin.

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