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Oil drilling grade CMC HV

Oil drilling grade CMC HV

Oil drilling grade CMC HV is a high viscosity and cost effective additive used to reduce API filtration rate of any kinds of water based drilling fluids from freshwater to saturated salt water. It is suited for water-loss and rheological control in low-solids mud and is a highly efficient viscosifier in all other mud.

Product Details


White or yellowish free flowing powder

Nature of Polymer

Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose

Moisture Content

max. 10%

PH of 1% Solution



Non Toxic


Soluble in fresh water

In accordance with API 13A CMC-HVT specification:

Viscometer dial reading at 600 r/min

a. in deionized water

min. 30

b. in 40 g/ltr salt water

min. 30

c. in saturated salt water

min. 30

Filtrate volume

Max 10.00 cm3


HB CMC-HV is used in low viscosity low solids fluids to increase the viscosity and controls fluid loss.


Recommended Treatment

In fresh water: 0.5-1.5 lb/bbl (1.4-4.3 kg/m3 ) and in sea water : 2.0-3.0 lb/bbl (5.7-8.6 kg/m3 )

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